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I’ve had many reiki sessions in the past, and while they were all great, my session with Atlantis made me feel the most relaxed, the most nourished, and the most complete. It was as if she swept away an entire layer of energy that had been heavily lingering for far too long. Atlantis offers such a warm and loving touch to her practice that made me feel safe to surrender and express myself vulnerably. This was the first session where i completely sobbed with relief while feeling fully seen, heard, and held. I highly recommend this Divine soul any day! Thank you for such a powerful and cleansing experience!



The moment Atlantis and I met for our session I  instantly felt at ease in her presence.  Before the session began she explained the way in which she practices reiki and what our session would entail.  She went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable through the whole experience.  I have done reiki before but the aftercare and follow up that Atlantis provides for her clients is incomparable to my previous experiences with reiki.  She even provided me with resources to practice on my own that were customized to what came up in my session.  At the time that I am writing this review it has been a week from our appointment and much of what she channeled and cleared has become more and more evident to me.  Since the session I have felt remarkable progress and clarity and I have her to thank.  I can truly feel the care and passion she has for this medium and even in the smallest interactions with Atlantis, her healing nature is apparent.  I cannot recommend her enough, she is truly a blessing.


I had my very first session of reiki with Atlantis and it was unforgettable!!! Before my session I was unsure of what to expect so I kept an open mind. Atlantis made me feel relaxed and willing to open myself up to her for healing. Her energy was pleasant, divine and powerful! I was scared of the vulnerability I was displaying but her energy reminded me through my session that she was there to help. I felt extremely grateful for things she unlocked in me in such a short period of time. After our session, we went over the energy she felt. I felt seen, understood and valued in that moment. I left with the biggest smile and a new look on how to continue my healing journey. Anyone who speaks on interest in reiki I refer them to Atlantis!! Thank you for seeing me! 


Coming into this experience I was open but had a tinge of resistance to the vulnerability. Right when I arrived into the space, Atlantis welcomed me with a warm energy.  The combination of her loving energy and sweet aromatherapy in the room allowed me to be fully present. Once I was on the table, I felt deeply relaxed and expansive. Her work allowed me to reach new levels of consciousness and connection to my higher self. I could feel myself and her calling in my higher self.

 In moments of closure or contraction, she completely held me in love and spaciousness.This naturally allowed me to be in an elevated state and received multiple important, sweet messages and clear vision, one connected to my business.  It was a timeless experience, and I could feel the clearing at the end where everything felt open and completely alive. Every cell remembered my true essence, vibrating with love and light. 

Afterwards, we had a wonderful debriefing of my and her experience of the session. The knowledge that came to her was very relevant to my current life with direct, applicable wisdom. She gifted me the remembrance that I am safe on this planet. I highly recommend Atlantis for energy work. It has given me deep insight, inner clarity and a complete renewal of my energy and presence. 



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