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 "Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, Fully aware" -Naht Hahn

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Moment II Moment is where creativity and spirituality meet. It's not just a space for expression, it's a space where beings can come together and be vulnerable, raw, and authentically themselves.  Allowing one's soul to step into their full potentiality. We, at Moment II Moment, endeavor to inspire beings individually to honor one's soul purpose and collectively to elevate the conscious network. Moment II Moment is an all-encompassing movement.

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At Moment II Moment, we believe the journey to one's soul purpose is founded in, but not limited to, healing, deeper connection, and the freedom to be our truest expression, both creatively and spiritually. What sets Moment II Moment apart from the rest, is our belief that the two are synonymous, and in dissolving separatist beliefs, one can expand in this wholeness. Moment II Moment, will facilitate events, hold classes, and offer one on one sessions. To stay connected follow us on IG.

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"In each moment we are present in our divine calling. Listen to your soul, it speaks"

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